Get hold of BT's UK-based staff

When you've got a technical complaint, BT certainly don't want you to talk to their UK based staff. While sales calls go to UK offices, any technical calls go straight to India, who aren't allowed to give out any other numbers.

Run a test on the BT Speedtester, and if you see a poor result like below you can then approach BT's UK staff demanding better.

Up to 8Mbps with BT. Here, I'm getting 0.18Mbps...

Up to 8Mbps with BT. Here, I'm getting 0.18Mbps...

I've been having a problem with BT Broadband lately, so wrote to their chairman after exhausting all other options. Their Newcastle based technical support team got in touch immediately, and offered a great deal more support than I was previously receiving.

Reach BT's Newcastle Technical complaints team on 0800 028 0619.

You can also email them.

FYI: BT's Technical Team work 8am to 8pm, seven days a week. I've never had to wait for longer than four rings before they've picked up, and they've never put me on hold for longer than 30 seconds.

Get in touch with the bosses

If BT are taking too long to fix an issue with your phone or broadband, write to their chairman. This puts you in touch with the right people very quickly, and they are eager to do a good job.

His address is: Sir Michael Rake, Chairman British Telecommunications plc, 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ.

You can also email the CEO of BT, Ian Livingston.

Rural broadband

BT is a money making business like any other, so they won't invest in improving broadband for rural areas unless it gives them a good return on their investment. Through the Rural Broadband website, you can now record your interest in faster broadband for your area, and encourage investment from other telecoms companies. Go to Rural Broadband.

Last updated on 03 November 2010, at 17:58.