How to transfer a domain name

The standard domain name transfer process is a simple yet slow method of moving a domain from one account to another, often to a different registrar and a different person.

Transfers can be used following a domain name sale to transfer the name to the buyer, to move domains to a better priced registrar, or to consolidate domain names from several registrars to one, to make administration easier.

Beginning the transfer

Transfers are initiated on the side receiving the domain name. The exact point at which to enter the name may vary by registrar, but is typically done by requesting a domain as if it were new, followed by confirming that you wish to transfer this name, and confirming that you are authourised to do so.

Domain name transfer authourisation codes

Following this, some domain name extensions, such as .org, require a domain name transfer authorisation code. This can be found at the domain's current registrar.

Better registrars give these authourisation codes online, through your online account, but some require you to get in contact.

Confirmation of transfer

Once the domain is requested, an email will be sent to the current owner to confirm and authourise the transfer.

Following successful confirmation, the domain name will typically transfer in to the receiving account within ten days.

Last updated on 03 October 2010, at 14:23.